First Team Fixtures 2019/20

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(H - A)
August 18th 20192pmPoole Town LadiesH2 - 0FAWNL Div1SW
August 25th 20192pmBillericay Town LadiesA3 - 1FAWNL League Cup
(Determining Round)
September 1st 20192pmBuckland Athletic WomenA0 - 1FAWNL Div1SW
September 5th 20197:45pmBrislington LadiesH3 - 1FAWNL Div1SW
September 8th 20192pmLarkhall Athletic LadiesA1 - 1FAWNL Div1SW
September 15th 20192pmSouthampton WomenA0 - 2FAWNL Div1SW
September 22nd 20192pmSouthampton FCA4 - 0FAWNL Div1SW
September 29th 20192pmMaidenhead United LadiesH3 - 2FAWNL Div1SW
October 6th 20192pmBrislington LadiesH5 - 0SSE Women's FA Cup
(2nd Qualifying Round)
October 15th 20197:45pmSwindon Town WomenH - FAWNL Div1SW
October 20th 20192pmPoole Town LadiesH - FAWNL League Plate (First Round)
October 27th 20192pmExeter City WomenH - SSE Women's FA Cup
(3rd Qualifying Round)
November 3rd 20192pmExeter City WomenA - FAWNL Div1SW
November 10th 20192pmChesham United LadiesH - FAWNL Div1SW
November 17th 20192pmBristol Ladies Union DevelopmentH - GFA County Trophy
January 12th 20202pmPoole Town LadiesA - FAWNL Div1SW
February 2nd 20202pmBuckland Athletic WomenH - FAWNL Div1SW
February 9th 20202pmLarkhall Athletic LadiesH - FAWNL Div1SW
February 20th 20207:45pmBrislington LadiesA - FAWNL Div1SW
February 23rd 20202pmSouthampton WomenH - FAWNL Div1SW
March 8th 20202pmMaidenhead United LadiesA - FAWNL Div1SW
March 19th 20207:45pmSwindon Town WomenA - FAWNL Div1SW
March 22nd 20202pmExeter City WomenH - FAWNL Div1SW
March 29th 20202pmSouthampton FCH - FAWNL Div1SW
April 26th 20202pmChesham United LadiesA - FAWNL Div1SW
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