“She will rinse anyone and everyone!” – Henna Butcher answers questions on their teammates

2nd March 2023

By Kieran Neller.

In this series, we ask Cheltenham Town Ladies players to answer questions about their teammates.

We continue with forward Henna Butcher as she gives out titbits on the Robinesses’ squad!

Who has the best banter?

Em Owen is too funny I can’t lie, she’ll rinse anyone and everyone! You can try to fight back but you won’t win against her! Billie Haynes blurts out some quality content too. I swear she doesn’t have any filter, just shouts out everything that pops into her head.

Most likely to fall asleep on the bus home?

Kylie Nolan and Issy Newns definitely. I can’t fault their set-up to be fair. They put Super Sunday on the laptop and have a post-match nap. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Who’s the worst dressed?

Everyone’s always in Cheltenham gear, but I’d have to say anyone wearing crocs… I don’t get the hype!

Who has the best music taste?

I’ve got to say Issy Newns, she runs the pre-match playlist and always picks good tunes.

Issy Newns
Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography
First to the bar?

I tried to decide between Charlie Taylor and Kelcie Fallon, but they’d easily both be up there downing Jäger bombs together!

Most likely to be late for training?

Annabel Davies and Charlie [Taylor] are always rushing around. No time is wasted though, Annabel uses PA as an opportunity to comb her eyelashes!

Charlie Taylor
Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography
Most likely to forget their kit?

Everyone is surprisingly on it when it comes to kit. Dan did forget everyone’s warm-up tops once which didn’t go down well!

First in the book?

Izzy Cook. She loves squaring up to players much bigger than her. I’m not sure Maisy feels the same about backing her up!

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