Under 16s Suffer Defeat In County Cup Final

25th April 2018

Cheltenham Town LFC U16’s girls journeyed to Bristol last Sunday to face off for the County Cup final against Bristol Ladies Union. With both the temperature and pressure rising both teams greeted each other before kick-off in what would be a furious battle from start to finish.

Cheltenham Town kicked off and immediately took control of the ball. Through some excellent passing, Courtney L reached the goal with relatively no hassle, it would have been 1-0 in the first 30 seconds if not for the goalkeeper’s quick reaction.

The oppositions striking force are fast sprinters and broke through our defence, scoring the first goal of the match (0-1). This only made the Cheltenham girls more determined, and with the added support of parents and watchers, they continue to push across the pitch.

After substitutions and with the support of midfield, Courtney L proceeded to launch attack after attack at the opposition’s defence. Hannah G repeatedly drove corners straight into the rival’s box and if our girls were only a little braver would have equalised.

Through sheer determination and force of will, our girls displayed excellent teamwork which led to Hannah G assisting Courtney L in scoring the equalising goal (1-1). Unfortunately, the celebration was short lived as Bristol Ladies Union scored once again within 30 seconds of kick-off (1-2). The goal scorer appeared to knock the ball from Grace J’s hands.

One thing Cheltenham Town is not short of is their pursuit of the ball, they refused to let previous events affect the rest of the game. Several girls such as Hannah G and Olivia B catapult the ball during throw in’s which allows the rest of the team to move around accordingly.

The rest of the first half was played brilliantly by both teams, leaving watchers on the edge of their seats.

With the second half kicking off Cheltenham Town pushed and pushed against Bristol but unfortunately were caught off guard by the ‘tennis like’ launching of the ball. Hannah G’s delegation of her players showed just how well they can perform under pressure. After an uphill battle Cheltenham broke through their defences and the ball lingered on the goal line for a moment, but didn’t cross the line.

Twenty minutes into the second half an Bristol scored once more (1-3) but not without Cheltenham driving them back as much as possible. The ball was kicked out multiple times by Bristol simply because our girls had blocked them in and they had no other option. Amie B headed the ball past their defences but there was no one on the other end to receive it.

With twenty minutes of the match to go Cheltenham switched their shape in a bid to further their attack, this did, however, leave their back vulnerable. Despite playing for nearly 70 minutes, Bristol girls were still as fast as kick off, with a few carefully placed passing the final goal of the match was scored (1-4)

Where most teams may have given up Cheltenham’s ‘can do’ attitude deflected any other efforts Bristol attempted. With the impeding sound of the referees whistle approaching both teams enjoyed what were the final minutes of this year’s County Cup Final.

As the teams shook hands and congratulated Bristol Ladies Union on their victory, there was no disappointment from the Cheltenham girls. They were proud to have come second and reveled in their own success. After some well-deserved cake from Amie B’s birthday, the girls look forward to the regional futsal finals in Paignton on the 20th May.

Words from the CTLFC U16 Captain:
“I am very proud of the team, and I think we played brilliantly in our final match. We have come so far this season, and I know we will continue to grow. I am very excited for the rest of our matches this year, and I hope the rest of the girls are as determined as me.”

Words from Simon Galpin – CTLFC U16 Manager:
“I feel a little sorry for myself as I am sure the girls do, today could have gone differently but I felt that we did not get the rub of the green throughout but never mind. I felt that the girls gave 100% today and for that I thank them all.”

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