Cheltenham Town LFC captain explains why she plays football

31st August 2016

Jen Brown-Wealls is captain of Cheltenham Town Ladies FC and was recently profiled in the club’s match day programme.

Here she explains why she loves the sport so much.

‘I have played football for 18 years and I never get tired of it.

Football is one of the easiest sports to get involved in and has been a love of mine ever since I can remember. One of the main reasons I am still playing today is the social aspects and that I have become friends with my teammates.

Sharing the same passion and common ground helps to promote the sense of unity creating friendships throughout the sport. The work ethic behind closed doors from coaches and teammates pushes everyone to work together to develop a skill that they love.

Perseverance comes to mind, getting frustrated when you can’t do a skill or a pass that you want but keeping at it and overcoming what you want to do feels great. All the life skills that you learn whilst being part of football like sportsmanship and leadership. Discovering the value of great sportsmanship and leadership didn’t happen until I was around 19 years old.

I learnt what it takes to play a sport with class and dignity. These skills are easily transferable which is why I think everyone should get involved in the sport that I love.”


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