“It’s got to be me!” – Jones Answers Some Questions About Her Teammates

4th February 2023

By Kieran Neller.

In this series, every week we ask a Cheltenham Town player about their teammates.

We continue with Courtney Jones as she answers a series of fun questions about the Robinesses squad!

Who has the best banter?

I think I have to go with Em Owen, she’s always coming out with some funny one liners, and she’s always rinsing me and the girls. She’s pretty funny, but I know when she reads this her head isn’t going to fit out the door!

Most likely to be late for training?

With the fines, quite a few people are on time now. Before that it was Aimee Watson, she was always late. But I’ll give her credit she’s been on time lately.

First to the bar?

If it’s not myself, it’s got to be Charlie Taylor and Holly Finch. They love a good beer after the game.

First to fall asleep on the coach?

It’s got to be Aimee Watson, she has to have two seats to herself and she’s always having a nice nap before the game… and after!

Aimee Watson
Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography
Worst dressed?

It’s a bit of a harsh one this, think everyone has their own taste!

First in the book?

This one’s easy, it’s got to be Billie Haynes. She loves a little talk to the ref, but the ref doesn’t have it!

Billie Haynes
Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography
Most likely to forget their kit?

No one forgets major kit elements like shin pads, but it’s got to be me! I’ve either forgot my training top or my GPS vest. It’s normally every game I have to borrow someone’s vest.

Best music taste?

Issy Newns. She’s got the tunes in the dressing room, her tunes are pretty sick and everyone sings along!

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