“Where do I start?” – Owen Answers Some Questions About Her Teammates

25th January 2023

By Kieran Neller

In this series, every week we ask a Cheltenham Town Ladies player about their teammates. We start with skipper Emily Owen as she answers a series of fun questions about the Robinesses squad!

Who has the best banter?

I will definitely say myself just because there is always something someone does in the squad that you can make fun of. Nothing stays quiet for long. Even at training sessions, picking on the coaches to annoy them is one of my favourite things to do!

Who is most likely to be late to training?

Right where do I start. The fines list is getting slightly bigger shall we say. Charlie is probably the biggest offender. She gets ferried around by her dad even though she drives just so she can do her make up in the car on the way, all whilst snapchatting her progress!

First to the bar?

First to the bar is 1000% Courtney. She’s probably already had about 10 drinks before she’s even at the bar! She also plans her day when she is going to start drinking in preparation and how she is going to be the last one standing haha. She also takes few weeks to plan her outfit. More than likely, I will also spill a drink over it.

Courtney Jones
Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography
First to fall asleep on the coach?

To be fair no one falls asleep on the coach! There’s too much going on, whether it’s karaoke, quizzes or constant chat everyone’s always involved!

Worst dressed?

Worst dressed is a hard one because every has such individual taste, although I’m trying my hardest not to pick on someone here…

First in the book?

We do have a few hot heads. Billie just because she really enjoys moaning, Kelcie likes a bit of ‘discussion’ with the ref, but I’m going with Izzy Cook. There’s steam coming out her ears, the lot, when she’s riled, but it comes out of nowhere you really wouldn’t expect it!

Most likely to forget their kit?

Forgetting kit isn’t too bad it’s more wearing the wrong bits for the wrong events like training or match day. For wrong kit though Watson is the main one with her obsession of her Wales coat! Some say she sleeps in it!

Aimee Watson.
Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography
Best music taste?

Music taste in the squad is so good, there’s so much variation. Normally I play the music on the coach which is a bit of everything really – I also accept requests. I cost a lot to book for private events!

Issy Newns normally does the changing room songs as she’s got the set playlist and obviously always has our walk out song ready.

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