Poole Town Ladies Report

14th January 2020

Poole Town Ladies 1

Cheltenham: Brown 7′, Bevan 14′
Poole: Hawkins 61′

Cheltenham Town Ladies returned to action after almost a month since their last fixture, picking up a tight victory over bottom of the table, Poole Town Ladies.

Poole kicked off and played direct, putting Cheltenham’s defence on alert from the very beginning. The visiting defence handled the early threat well however, with Rendall and Brown closing up the opportunities and Hallsworth nodding a cushioned header back to her goalkeeper Alyta Norman.

Cheltenham looked to control the play and steady the ship in the early going through the sharp passing of Kempski (pictured) and Wilkins.
Sarah King, a danger on the right, managed to work her way past her marker and shaped to cross but could only get a corner.

Despite the corner being cleared, Cheltenham would look to play but were stopped by a foul in the midfield. They would clear the Poole free-kick away but weren’t able to capitalise with Poole holding all of their defensive unit back rather that going to attack the free-kick.

Cheltenham were gifted a goal after Poole had looked to shut out a Robinesses’ attack. With the Poole defender winning back possession, a underweight backpass was played to Chrippes in the Dolphins’ goal. Bartlett would get there first however, and after being brought down, the referee was given no choice but to point to the spot. Centre-back Georgia Brown stepping up to net the kick.

After stopping a Poole attack, Cheltenham were back at the edge of the Poole box with some good play from Brown and King. The ball fell to Abby Bevan just outside the area, and she produced a fantastic finish, leaving Chrippes flapping. Continuing her run of scoring against the Dolphins in every game against them since joining the Robinesses in January 2019.

This second goal spurred the home side on, and a misplaced pass as Cheltenham built from their own defence almost handed Poole a comeback. The striker firing wide under pressure from Hallsworth and Brown.

The action would turn end-to-end, as minutes after closing the angle on the Poole breakaway shot, Cheltenham played forward, looking to put Bartlett in. The striker on this occassion unable to keep the heavy pass in play, despite giving chase.

Cheltenham would keep their finger on the button, with King firing over and Brown causing issues for the hosts, waltzing her way into the box from the halfway line and winning a corner with a deflection but Cheltenham couldn’t make use of it and Poole were able to clear before winning a free-kick as they burst into the Cheltenham half.

Cheltenham would win a free-kick on the edge of the Poole area, after recycling possession after Chrippes had palmed a corner away in the box. Annie Martin would step up in space and look to play in Bartlett before being tackled from behind. Unfortunately for the visiting side, she couldn’t keep the free-kick low enough to challenge Chrippes, sending it over the bar.

Cheltenham would get one more pop right at the end of the half. King once again a thorn in the Poole defence’s side, managed to zip a good ball across the face of goal. Bevan managed to get on the end of it but could only find the side netting with her header.

Half Time: CTLFC 2-0 Poole Town Ladies

The start of the second half saw Cheltenham with a spell in the opposition half but were unable to create thoroughly. After turning over possession, Poole looked to play across their defence, inviting Bartlett in to make a tackle and feed Bevan on the charge. However, the flag for offside stopped the move in its tracks.

Bevan would be in again minutes later after receiving a good pass into space. She would shape to cross but her marker blocked the cross and Poole were able to deal with the resulting corner. Chrippes claiming the ball in the crowded area after Brown had played a Poole clearance back into the danger zone.

From this, Poole looked to play quick, with Chrippes delivering a fantastic ball forward and Poole were able to win a corner of their own, from which they only just missed. A powerful header met at the near post, just skimming the frame of the crossbar.

Cheltenham, boosted by the scare, looked to return to their sharp passing game that had been a success in the first half. They were able to work the ball into the Poole box but Bartlett couldn’t pull the trigger. After working herself into a wide position, her cross whistled past over near post and out for a goalkick.

Holly Fenton entered the game in exchange for Kirsten Rendall, and Poole capitalised on the switch. Faye Hawkins was allowed too much time to dribble into the Cheltenham area, pick her mark and fire home from a tight angle at the near post.

Bouyed by closing the gap, Poole looked to attack once more but the shot from distance fizzing over Norman’s bar.

After some creative play, involving King, Wilkins and Bevan, Cheltenham created the best chance of the match, with the ball falling to Annie Martin in space inside the penalty area. Chrippes did just enough to put the Cheltenham captain off, as she blazed over from 10 yards out.

Moments later Bevan would find herself in almost a carbon copy position. The ball worked into the box through the centre, with the midfielder striking hard but clean over the bar.

New signing Jasmine Bull would enter the fray, with Alice Kempski heading off on 66 minutes. It didn’t take long for her to get involved in the action, as she sent a good, searching ball forward for Martin to chase but the pass sat just right for Chrippes as she rushed out to stop Martin once again.

With Poole forced into counter attacks, Cheltenham sent bodies forward, looking to play their passing football in the opposition half. Bevan produced a shot from outside the box that challenged Poole’s ‘keeper, but was ultimately wide of the mark.

Bull would be involved in the action shortly after, forcing a cross on the left. Cheltenham were unable to get on the end of the dangerous ball in but with Bull’s efforts, kept Poole pinned in their own defensive third.

The home side would weather the storm, and with the boot of Chrippes asking questions of the Robinesses’ defence, they were able to break out and win a free-kick on the left wing.
Norman was called into action again as the ball was fizzed in towards the near post, punching the ball away for a corner among the bodies in the area.

Cheltenham were able to clear and after again returning to their short passing game won a free-kick for a foul on Hallsworth. Cheltenham weren’t able to use it effectively and Poole were able to counter again, missing the target with a wild shot.

Bull and Ellis would combine on the left to work the visitors into a good position, teeing one up for Bevan who missed the target from the edge of the box.

Cheltenham would end the half with one final gamble. Martin this time working in from the left and firing across the goulmouth. The ball just missing the far post.
Chrippes would restart with a monster of a goalkick, but the referee brought the game to a close before Poole could get on the end of it.

Cheltenham: A. Norman, L. Ellis, S. Hallsworth, G. Brown, K. Rendall (Fenton 60), B. Wilkins, A. Bevan, A. Kempski (Bull 66), S. King, A. Martin, K. Bartlett.
Subs unused: E. Simpson, L. Fensome, E. Hitchcox

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