Cheltenham Town Ladies FC in the Community

27th July 2016

With both the final Ladies First and Development matches of the year postponed due to waterlogged pitches, First Team Manager Graham Fletcher took keeper Bec Panniers, left back Natalie Berry and midfielder Libbie Herbert to Cheltenham Saracens Power Wheelchair team training on Sunday morning, 20th December.

Training at Cheltenham Recreation centre, the players got to experience the machines before a friendly broke out at the end of training, with Saracens running out 2:1 winners over the Robins Ladies. Former Saras Chairman Brian Dix and stalwart Dave Bath have been instrumental in setting up the Power Wheelchair Team, who have been playing with some success, at tournaments in Exeter this season.

The chairs typically cost between £3000-£6000, with more specialist equipment up to £10,000. Fundraising has gone well and efforts are now being stepped up to provide transportation to matches. The club is associated to the Wheelchair Football Association and is currently the only one of its kind in Gloucestershire.

Graham Fletcher commented “With 5 speeds, the chairs really are swift and these guys are able to swing them left and right to strike the ball with complete control.”

The Saracens are looking for additional coaches with a strong footballing background, that are willing to undertake specialist Powerchair courses.

“We have some talented players and it will be interesting to see how far this can go.” Reported Dave Bath.

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