Our Squad

Bec Panniers|Goalkeeper

Plays goalkeeper and has been with CTLFC for two seasons having previously played for our Development Team before making the first team position her own. Probably one the best goalkeepers in the FAWPL. Previous club is Hereford Pegasus.

Bec is the team comedian but on the pitch the opposition don’t find her breathtaking saves funny.

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Lizzy Spratt|Defender


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Rose Knuckey|Defender

First full season with the Club, having joined from Illorgan part way through last season. Plays Right Back, simply put a very good footballer, is comfortable on the ball, and just likes playing.

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Hannah Bingham|Defender/Midfielder


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Tzara Marriott|Defender

Development Squad Manager’s Player of the Year and Most Improved Player for season 2016/17. Tzara is a pacy centre back that is on the verge of first team action.


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Lindsey Garner|Defender


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Jaqs Haines|Midfielder

One of our less young players but certainly one of our fittest.

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Louise Fensome|Midfielder

 The engine of our centre midfield with great ability to win and pass the ball. Louise is in her 2nd season with CTLFC and previous clubs include Illorgan and Forest Green Rovers, scores important goals too!

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Sophie Wyatt|Midfielder

Plays in midfield. Another very good footballer. Strong in the tackle, and a good passer, with an eye for goal, will agree she could score more goals!! Moved up from the Dev side this season. Renowned for her sartorial elegance.

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Jenn Brown-Wealls|Defender

Plays Centre Back and is 1st Team Captain. Been at CTLFC for three seasons now and is also a very good deal ball specialist. Her performances for the club have been excellent, an inspirational captain. Previous clubs include C&K Basildon and Crewe.

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Emily Skipp|Midfielder

A flying left winger with a true eye for goal.

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Lauren Cable|


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Louise Bull|Defender/Midfielder

Better known as Boo. Plays right side of midfield, and right back, prefers midfield role. Always gives 100%, and very impressive when running at defenders, good passer, and crosses well, never lets the team down.

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Ashleigh Lebbon|Midfielder

A creative midfielder and an excellent passer of the ball.

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Suze Berry|Midfielder

Plays as a winger and is another pacy player with good feet. Suze joined us from Swindon Spitfires last season and her other previous club was Cirencester Town.

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Holly Rogers|Striker

Winner of Development Squad Young Player of The Year and top scorer for season 2016/17. Holly is one of our great prospects for the future. Clinical in front of goal.

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Ella Hitchcox|Striker

First team top scorer for season 2016/17. Signed from Forest Green at the start of the season. Can play up front, and on the wing. Very quick, always gives 100%, and a goal scorer. Good signing for the Club.

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Naomi Purvis|Defender

First Team Manager’s Player of the Year and Player’s Player for season 2016/17. Plays at Centre Back and this season has been played at Left Back, and has been excellent in both positions since she joined the club last season. She is a tough tackling player and a great communicator, which has earned Naomi a regular place in the team. Her previous club was Newbury.

One of the quietest players in the side.

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Sally Butterfield | Midfielder/Striker


Sally has joined the club from Swindon Town FC. A pacy player with a sure eye for goal.

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Amber Coxhall|Defender

Dependable, a great defender, Amber is one of the leaders on the field.

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Natalie Berry|Defender

A great servant to the club on the field and off it. Nat loves flying down that left wing and putting in dangerous crosses for our strikers.

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Leanne Godwin|Midfielder/Striker

Striker/Midfield. Leanne has the great knack of scoring goals when you least expect it. Has been at the Club for two seasons, excellent passer and good team player.

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Anna Dennis|Defender

A quality centre back with a great ability to read the game. First rate coach as well.

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Ria Salleh|Midfielder

Winner of most First Team Improved Player for season 2016/17. Plays in midfield/right wing, quick player, with an eye for goal. Ria, never stops running, and gives the team its energy. She joined the club from Swindon Spitfires last season

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Lydia Amarquaye|Midfielder

Centre midfield. Has returned to the Club this season, a tough tackling midfielder, who just keeps going. Calm and steady on the ball, who passes well, quick feet.


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Amy Leask|Defender

Signed for the Club this season from FC Chippenham. Currently studying at the University of Gloucester. Plays at Centre Half, has settled into to the team very quickly, good in the air, and quick. Her partnership with Jen Brown-Wealls is looking good.

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Kayla Garland|Midfielder

A player who loves flying down the wings.

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Yas Francis|

Another of our young starlets, 16 year old Yas is a real fox in the box.

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Annie Martin|Midfield/Striker

Signed from Forest Green Rovers this season, and also plays up front or on the wing. Very skillful, with an eye for goal, good first touch, settling into the team.

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Abbi Pearce|Defender

Strong, and reliable defender, can play Centre back, but prefers right back. Good tackler, and has the unerring knack of being in the right place at the right time. Good team player, and never lets the team down.

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Jade Wiltshire|Defender/Midfielder

Can play either Right Midfield/Wing or Right Back. Jade is a very versatile player, another one of the quick players within the team. Previous club was Cheltenham Spa LFC.

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Libbie Herbert|Midfielder

A bundle of energy, Libbie loves a good challenge in the middle of the park.

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Kath Blunt|Goalkeeper


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Abbi Jones|


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Rosie Herbert|Midfielder/Stiker

One of our pacier players, Rosie loves attacking the opposition defence with the ball at her feet.

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Emily Ind|Midfielder


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Becca Harris|


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